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The Re-Reconquista As Granada, form Andalusia and reconquer all of Iberia.
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As Hungary, own all of Austria as coez faccio un casino testo youtube core provinces.
Cities of Cibola As Pueblo, own at least seven provinces with 10 development each.A Heros Welcome, starting as Karaman, form the Sultanate of Rum.For the Glory Diplo-annex a vassal.These Banners need a Saga Have 100 regiments as Banners raised at the same time.For more information please read our FAQs here.Discover the Americas as Castile or Spain.
Defender of the Faith Become Defender of the Faith.
Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland or the Commonwealth while klädsel casino monaco they are an elective monarchy.
Shahanshah Start as Ardabil and form Persia.
Pick Your Poison As Kaffa, develop in Cafa while a subject of yours owns.
Turtles all the way down As Korea get 135 Ship Durability.
Where the heart is As Dahomey, force all non-Fetishist nations out of Niger and Sahel by 1500.As a Greedy ruler, take all of a nations ducats in a peace deal.Auld Alliance Reversed As Scotland, have France as a vassal (do not form Great Britain).Sunset Invasion Own and have cores on Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rome as the Aztecs.Brothers in Arms Win a war as a secondary participant.Own and have cores on the entire Baltic coastline as Sweden.Dar al-Islam Unify Islam under your rule.A Blessed Nation, as a Coptic Nation, gain all 5 Blessings.Spanish Fly Starting as Offaly, secure a Personal Union over an Iberian nation.All That's Thine Shall betclic bonus 100e Be Mine.Chop Chop With only one Monarch, have six different Consorts.