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At the superintendents behest, Hercule Poirot begins a search for new evidence.
Before he died, Marsh asked Poirot to dark and light iron deposits be executor of his new will in which he left his entire estate to his ward Violet.
Poirot arrives in Dover to help Colin determine if Sheila is responsible for the murder of the middle-aged man found stabbed on the sitting room floor.Poirot learns the details of the victims life, including a pompous politician fiancé and an unfortunate previous marriage in India.He bumps into an old friend, mystery novelist Ariadne Oliver, who lends her womans intuition to the investigation.When the beautiful young star of the film Valerie Saintclair is implicated in the murder, her fiance engages the services of Poirot to clear her name.It appears to be a simple case of a disgruntled employee, but Poirot is intrigued when he interviews a young lodger in the Clapham house, a clerk at a bank where 90,000 has just disappeared.You must then pick five books from the classic Agatha Christie collection to find clues and reveal how many free spins you have won.
Hercule Poirot brings a fresh perspective to a notorious 14 year old murder case.
Persuaded to take on the case in the national interest, Poirot is told he must spend Christmas at the home of one of the only people who knows about the precious stone - Egyptologist Colonel Lacey.
The Lock feature can appear randomly at the start of a game to make it easier to trigger the bonus.
Shaitanas hobby har blitt hans endelikt.
Following a vicious murder, Poirot, feeling responsible, falls in to a deep depression.Poirot is at the centre of a bizarre murder game during a country house weekend.Poirot is briefed by the Foreign Office about the theft of the gem belonging to the petulant heir to the King of Egypt.Leading French detective, Giraud challenges Poirot to a competition to see who can catch the killer first and Poirot finds his time is running out.Wealthy banker Matthew Davenheim leaves his country mansion to walk to the post office nya casinon 2017 utan insättning after tea and is never seen again.Poirot is just the man to find.Poirot is called in to investigate a series of kidnap threats against the three year old son of a wealthy aristocrat.