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Blackjack mulligan died

blackjack mulligan died

Mulligan was a huge Texan who had success in many wrestling promotions.
But his biggest success came after the team broke up, when working in the Carolinas, often teaming with Ric Flair, who he was best friends with and shared a van, and also feuded with him. .
Mulligan's strength as a performer was his size and his interview ability. . Boston Globe, as a result of that incident, well into the 1980s, it was common for even kids to be patted slott stockholm museum down by police upon entering the Garden for house shows, and the ring often had four cops stationed around it all times.For long-time wrestling fans in Massachusetts, the death of Blackjack Mulligan brings up an incident 45 years ago at the old Boston Garden that has lived in infamy since then.Video tribute to Blackjack Mulligan released by m, via.Photo: m (age 73 blackjack Mulligan, real name Robert Bob Windham, enjoyed a storied life and career, and not just in the wrestling ring.Windham had been sued by WWE in July, which was strange since his serious health issues were well known and his sons were stars with the group.
He wrapped up his WWF days in the late 80s, and was inducted into the.
There was also a famous story of Mulligan sucker punching Andre at a beach front party, but Andre came back and dragged luxury casino deposit 1 get 20 Mulligan into the Atlantic Ocean.
Mulligan whose real name was Bob Windham was the patriarch of a wrestling family that includes his sons, the great Barry Windham (a.k.a., the.Windham's grandsons have carried on the family wrestling legacy as Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.Rotunda won the eiwa Championships in 1981 as a Heavyweight, before becoming a WWE wrestler known as Irwin.Marine and played football for the New York Jets and the University of Texas at El Paso.Title, the main championship in the promotion, four times.Windham, 73, was a major star in pro wrestling during the 70s and 80s.His son in law is Mike Rotunda, better known.R.S.