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Slots are (generally) games of chance and youd have thought that this makes slots play pretty straightforward.
What Im going to try and do here is point you in the direction of some of the online slots that I play regularly (and believe me when I say Ive tried hundreds!) and which I believe offer the most bang for your buck along.
These casinos are Flash-only and are not available to US residents.Meister Meeting 2015, explanation about sections, the forum is massive there are nearly 800,000 posts in 68,000 public threads.Slotjunkies RTG Real Series, slots page and payouts vary according to casino.I was a webmaster, an English teacher, and someone who thought that the Internet was an amazing place that was full of potential that would connect people.I remember the old BBS days (circa 93 96) how you could communicate with people in the next State over sometimes even from Canada.One thing that set our forum apart from the others was our iGaming Representative community.RTG slots are explained in more casino free bonus no deposit 10 detail on the.Enter at your own risk.Casinomeister Advisory Group: this is a group of about 35 or so members who are either Ueber Meister members or who have shown their aptitude and dedication to the Casinomeister website to be brought in as an advisor.There were many of these folks who were sharing profound information on how games work, the inner workings of slots both online and offline, the nuances of player issues, how to properly market casinos dos and donts for affiliates.Related Articles essential Player Tips Section Index how To Manage Your Gambling Budget how To Tell If A Casino Is Legitimate tips For Video Poker Players.Vbulletin.x Version in 2004 moving up in the world.This is for Full membership and above.
They are also used to beta test casinos on occasion.
Good for the low-roller in particular.
Meister Melodies We have many, many music fans.
Newbie members are allowed to post just about everywhere and have pretty much full access to the site.Our User Groups When you first sign up to our forum you become a Newbie member.Section where we make announcements about our forum, receive feedback from members, and new members can introduce themselves.When I launched Casinomeister in June 1998, I didnt have a clue about anything concerning online gambling.Each year we get together in London for the.Some of these cool BBSs were named The Coffee Room a black screen with different colored text no graphics because there just werent any.The best slots at Wagerworks casinos (IMO) are Cleopatra a faithful reproduction of the Vegas slot and the 50,000 pyramid.Marketing issues, content thieves and evil affiliates, marketing questions, SEO and all sorts of webmasterly stuff.The only software vendor to be transparent regards payouts are Wagerworks who publish the payouts of each slot in the paytables.We had a few hundred members, and on a good day about 40 people would log.And this was truly needed for Casinomeister because I didnt know much about gambling online.