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Crew bonus for bonds

crew bonus for bonds

Improved Equipment costs anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 Bonds, and Directives are priced between 2 to 12 Bonds.
Rewards were doubled in Powerplay update.As with bounties These are awarded for assisted kills as well.Not to be confused with, bounty Voucher.For each destroyed ship combat bond vouchers are handed out which can be redeemed at a combat bond contact of any station in a system where the faction issuing the bonds is present.Venting System -.5 bonus to all crew skills.Prioritize Federal Corvettes, wod exp bonus Imperial Cutters, Anacondas and Pythons.This will turn the Chosen factions ships allied, while the enemy will be hostile and target the player as well.Bonds are rewarded at the end of each stage, based on your Rank, and your leaderboard standing.There are six types of Improved Equipment, which act as consumables.Wear-Resistant Gun Laying Driver -.5 quicker aiming speed.Cost from 3,000 bonds, directives.A Crew Directive can make your Crew use skills that you haven't trained them yet, and Equipment Directives increase the bonuses on currently mounted equipment.Reward (CR imperial Fighter 4,600, f63 Condor 4,000, eagle MkII 8,000, cobra MkIII 16,000, imperial Courier 16,000.Combat Bonds, combat Bond Voucher s are monetary rewards earned through faction combat in conflict zones.
Additionally, Directives are a new type of item players can purchase.
Players in the top 10 of the leaderboard will earn 5,750 Bonds.
Viper MkIII mkIV 20,000, asp scout 24,000, asp Explorer 28,000, vulture 36,000, imperial Clipper 44,000, federal Dropship 44,000, federal Assault Ship 44,000, python 52,000, anaconda 72,000, federal Corvette 80,000, imperial Cutter 101,200, tips and Tactics, edit.
The reward range for combat bond vouchers seems meager compared to bounty vouchers.
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