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How do you say casino in italian

how do you say casino in italian

Occurs at the bean happens at exactly the right moment.
Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata A wet bride is a lucky bride.Literally, casino games online thailand good night to the bucket, its used to mean and then were screwed.One is the phrase ogni morte di papa every death of a pope, used for rare events, much like the English once in a blue moon.Casino cah-zeen-o A mess.Fuori (di Testa) fwor-ee di testa Out (of your) mind.Openair Restaurants In Lygon Street, Carlton.Can also be used like a lot: Mi piace un casino, i like it a lot.In other words, the power of sex overcomes all other forces!In Bocca al Lupo, into the wolfs mouth.Parlare Fuori dai Denti To speak outside of ones teeth to say openly whats on your mind.A ruder version used nowadays is, in culo alla balena in the whales ass.One is born a lord gentleman.
Note: Some of the new phrases added here are rude!
Botte Piccola Fa Vino Buono, a small cask makes good wine A friendly compliment to a short person.
Dalle Stelle alle Stalle, to go from the stars to the horse stalls to fall from grace.
Im not sure whether this was originally used in the opposite form, about someone whod had a meteoric career, but it seems Ive heard it more often used this way.
To hang up ones hat used of a man who marries a wealthy woman, and (presumably) doesnt have to work anymore.
Caesars E, Manager at Manchester235 Casino, responded to this reviewResponded 25 February 2019.
Caduto dalle Nuvole, fallen from the clouds Completely taken by surprise, or pretending.Nothing much to do at night in Lake Tahoe, but the casino has an improv night which was unexpectedly good.Thanks for the great review, 47adamh.Dente Avvelenato, every now and then I stumble across a phrase I cant easily translate from Italian into English, or vice-versa.Dio li Fa, poi li Accoppia God makes them, then he mates them.Why there should be a bucket involved I do not know.The headliner, Bob Zany, was a strong performer.It is widely believed in Italy that the pope who preceded John Paul II was murdered (after only a month in office) because he showed radically liberal tendencies.To have the wine cask full and the wife drunk to have your cake and eat it, too.A stock phrase typically used in situations when someone or something has unexpectedly behaved very badly,.g.

Used as Why should I do it?
Tira piu un pelo di figa che un carro di buoi A cunt hair pulls attracts more than an oxcart.