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Question: Given that the neutron has a magnetic moment - is this why neutron stars have very strong magnetic fields?
Doesn't a mirror also reflect all the light upon it?
For a pendulum, amplitude is the maximum angle through which it swings. .
Also, can you please explain that using simple st websites I have visited about this question are difficult for a layman to understand.I will keep things pretty general and qualitative.Basically, there are three kinds of radioactivity that are important alpha (just helium nuclei ejected from the nucleus beta (high speed electrons or positrons ejected from the nucleus and gamma (energetic electromagnetic radiation, like very penetrating x-rays ejected from the nucleus). .Shown in the figure above is the picture from Serway's text Physics for Scientists and Engineers (I'm probably violating some copyright by reproducing it!) So I will refer to the boy and swing instead of your man and seat since that is the picture.Finally, the magnetic structure of a surface can also be entirely different from that of the bulk material beneath.Usually it refers to physics done at particle accelerators around the world which have the highest energies. .Question: How can we measure the half life of radioactive meterial when the decay is completely random?I did some experimenting and found that the lower the amount of air pressure in the ball, the farther the ball went when kicked with my machine. .My question has two parts.Let me give you a couple of examples: Neutrinos are particles which are released in certain radioactive reactions.(If the field inside were not zero, the conduction electrons would move in response to that field.) But, the conductor can also have a net charge, for example we could to add a bunch of electrons. .What will be much more important is the circuitry in which the device is installed, often it will be an RC or RL circuit which will have its own time constant. .Question: With a transformer, we say that all of the magnetic field of the first (primary ) coil is trapped within the core.If the earth were to get a lot hotter, the atmosphere would have larger velocities and would escape into space.
The speed of light in glass is smaller than that in air and we define glass as a denser medium.
You are probably two years into your program now, and if you are doing well and loving it more than just about anything you have done before, you are off poker ordre des mains and running! .
Atmospheric pressure is about.7 psi but varies fairly dramatically with altitude and also somewhat with the weather. .
Before the collision, relative to Venus, the ball was traveling.8m (I used the pythagorean theorm with 2m/s and 3m/s).They do, however have a lower coefficient of friction, therefore less traction.Answer: I would have expected it to go farther too. .Is it possible, the SUN gleans its' energy synthesising helium from hydrogen via gravity, from its' surrounding solar system?As you can see, the total energy of the system has stayed the same because the potential energy increased and the kinetic energy decreased.To the best of your understanding, would these comments be accurate?There is a lot of analogy between gravity and electromagnetism here: any electric charge produces an electromagnetic field but it will only radiate electromagnetic waves if it accelerates.You can also scatter very energetic electrons from protons (this is done routinely at electron accelerator laboratories) and the electron can probe the interior of the proton, but this would certainly not be called a hydrogen atom.If an electron is moving along a path with.67c (cspeed of light) and is acted on by a forceand the electron is given is given an acceleration (a) 1 X 1010 cm per sec2, what is the force IF: a) force is @.Just like in the ocean, if you go up the pressure will decrease but this will now result also in the air being less compressed,.e.In most materials, the spins of all the electrons align in random directions and cancel each other out so a piece of aluminum, for example, does not have any magnetic field. .I argue that this would be true if there was no intervening atmosphere and the heat radiated into cold dark space.Example Therefore the actual distance light travels in a certain time is longer so the speed of light should also be longer.

Just in the first couple of dozen returned sites there were a several with suggestions on how to enhance the intensity: One suggestion was to add small amounts of a noble gas to the air; another suggested that glycerin be added to the water for.
If the 40 watt light bulb is the one with the highest resistance, and the composition of both the filaments are the same. .
Question: How do I calculate torque of a vertical axis turn table drive by an internal gear given the weight of the table (20 lbs) and the pitch diameter of the gear (10.125 in)?