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Germany, US military, PX section / 1/2., aluminum, 24mm, C-GR1980.
Germany, mettmann, 10 pfennig, ND, wagner englert.M.B.H.
Pulaski Rd Chicago, IL Crossword 75,000 Jesus V Cicero, IL Roosevelt Laramie Ser 5147 W holmes and the secret of the stones slot Roosevelt Rd Cicero, IL Crossword 75,000 Bennie B East.
Germany, jeton, ND (1553-84 orb, hans schultes.1921/2 10 pfennig S138 / wine bottles, grapes,.L.Manufactura DE papeles pulperia / 10, vulcanite, red/black/green,.4mm, R-Sgo55 AU-Unc.Aerzte, leipzig 1922 / logo, frits kohl leipzig, ehrengabe.Madison Forest Park, IL Ticket for the Cure 50,000 Shawn T Chicago, IL Phil Mart 7420.Belt West Belleville, IL Multi Millionaire 2,000,000 Zeraldas U Indian Head Park, IL 7-Days Pantry Deli 6925 Joliet Road Indian Head Park, IL Multi Millionaire 2,000,000 Tamika L Riverdale, IL Dolton Express Citgo 44 E Sibley Blvd Dolton, IL Multi Millionaire 2,000,000 (Cash Option 1,200,000).(Haifa set of 4 dif.SGO / 12 dots, 12 pence make 1 shilling, reeded edge, bronze, 16mm,.G.Italy, food token,.Robles / same, copper-nickel,.5mm, 1 real, Clark-400v.
Canada, quebec, halfpenny, 1825 military bust of R, open sleeve / Justice seated R, TO facilitate trade, copper, 27mm, HW98a, Br992.
Italy, gettone telefonico UT-7801 bronze, 24mm, XF-AU.
Germany, jeton, ND laureate adult bust R, LUD xiii FR ET NAV REX / crowned arms of France, laza gottl lavffers rech PF, brass, 26mm, by Lazarus Gottlieb Lauffer, aXF.
Germany, sinzig, iron, U2-4 cleaned.
Great britain, staffordshire, stafford, castle, 4 lions around, stafford 1801 / WJC cypher, solid ribbon knot below, penny, edge: payable BY horton AND company, copper, 34mm,.75g, DH95, flaws, G/aG.
Austria, grodig POW camp, 2 heller ND, 10mm between stars, zinc, 18mm, U3-1, C1679b, spots,.
Prince george british columbia representing manufacturers OF western white spruce douglas FIR.Germany, jeton, ND 3 crowns 3 lis, gotes segen macht reic / orb in hexalobe, hans laufer IN nvrmber, brass, 21mm,.65g, by Hans Laufer,.,.Western Ave Chicago, IL Diamonds Gold 500,000 Helga M Glenwood, IL Glenwood Amstar 18659 S Halsted Glenwood, IL Diamonds Gold 500,000 Paul owned hero bonus future fight M Worth, IL Hickory Hills Shell 9459 S Roberts Road Hickory Hills, IL Diamonds Gold 500,000 Steven F Antioch, IL Jewel Food Store.Germany, gardelegen, 10 pfennig ND, octagonal, zinc, 21mm, U2-5.Japan, US military, tachikawa NCO open mess / same, nickel plated brass, 18mm, C-JP4210b.jeton, ND (16th.) rather fragmentary rendition of the Venetian doge kneeling before saint design transformed into a bush with leaves and a flower / H, omega above, rosette R, copper, 20mm,.26g, based on a Venetian bagattino of Pietro Lando, 1539-45, crude F-VF.Malta, sovereign hospitaler order, set of 5 "1 lira" "coins" 2005 pope John Paul II, copper-nickel, 24mm,.Germany, federal republic, medallet, ND (1980s?) arms, bayerisches staatsministerium DES innern / logo: parent child, geimpft - geschÜTZT, plain edge, nickel, 28mm,.37g, for vaccination,.Germany, aachen, 1 öcher grosche 1920 old woman head iron, 21mm, U2-20.

Great britain, middlesex, london, halfpenny, ND, bust 1/4 R, GEO prince OF wales halfpenny / arms, london AND middlesex halfpenny, edge: payable IN london lancaster OR bristol, copper, 28mm, DH952a big flaws rev, edge nicks, aVF.
Great britain, coin weight, ND (1625-49) bust L, carolvs REX / crown over.XX.S., brass, 19mm, 4mm thick,.04g, S M-28 crude.
1830s bouquet with 2 shamrocks in lower R / 20 leaves in wreath, UN SOU, token montreal, HW-162, Br-704, cleaned.