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Peders kasino skola

peders kasino skola

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Medverkande: Linnea L, Linus, Linnea A, Josefine, Emanuel, Caroline.Medverkande: Amanda, Linnéa, Mauritz, Jonathan, Frida, Martin.That development will be a parallel process that can give input to this project as well as the other way.Medverkande: Alice, Anna, Emmy, Judith.Activities in our secondary school include 18 national and custom-designed programmes.The school has already begun the development of new ways to give students support in their studies.Medverkande: Moa, Klas, Nathalie, Alexander, Sandra, Tova, Emma.PS Estet Metal will stand tall.That connection enables the project results to extend to that part of the educational system too.PS Estet Lay your love.The upper secondary school is a voluntary form of schooling that prepares students both for work and further studies.PS Estet Long time gone.Medverkande: Rebecka S, Jim, Tobias, Hannes R, Hannah, Stina, Rebecka W, Amanda, Hannes.Medverkande: Olle, Ludwig, Tobias, Stina, Linnéa, Martin, Jacob.Medverkande: Amanda, Latifat, Love, Hanna, Linnea, Alice.
The school also include programme for adult education (komvux).
PS Estet Let the truth spill out.
Medverkande: Jonathan, Frida, Amanda, Frej, Mauritz, Tobias.
Medverkande: Olle, Frida, Jacob, Frej, Elin, Rasmus, kör.
Its main task is to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and democratic values.
PS Estet Pour some sugar.
Medverkande: Rasmus, Martin, Jim, Tobias.Medverkande: Ronja, Michaela, Nathalie, Pauline.Medverkande: Jacob, Linette, Sam, Julia, Mathilda, Ben o Alexander.The upper secondary school is one of two schools where the project will be developed and tested.PS Estet Who knows, who cares.Medverkande: Amanda, Josefine, Adam, Oscar.

PS Estet chords song.
Medverkande: Julia, Jim, Hannes, Jonathan, Josef.
Medverkande: Rebecka, Anna, Felicia, Tilda, Hannes, Josef.