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Pet xp bonus

So you can get pets with 7 xp bonus, 5xp 3xp bonus and 1 luck that will stack, a costume with another 10 xp bonus and ofc the underwaer with 1luck.
Upgrading your Pet, pet Mastery, every time you level up your pet it adds 1 point to your Pet Mastery.Note: If a Guild member rescues a Pet and the Event does not start, try opening the Shop, doing a quick Explore battle or closing and reopening the game.Pet Rescues are available for your entire guild regardless of who found and defeated the Pet gnome.You can find Pet Rescues in the.Pets give different bonuses.For example, Wyrmling gives a team bonus to all Dragon Troops used.Equipping a Pet to your Hero is purely for cosmetic reasons.By feeding your pets you can level them up and raise their level cap, which increases the bonus you receive from them.It's more like "Pay to finish the tutorial faster".Loot and Buff Pets will provide a Team or XP bonus at certain levels. .
You will not win against another player because of the slight advantage.
You can find your rescued pets by going to the.
Buff pets: Give you bonus stats to teams using the Pet's troop type.I thought about it, but it is not.You will need the.Now thru 6/29, members get double pet XP from pet games snacks!Milk Tea is cheap and anyone can buy it, so we will ignore that too.I posted the calculation in another topic before: 10 from costume, 8 from milk tea, 3x Pets with 7 each.Every fob xiamen and tt with 30 deposit 100 levels gives you a Greater Chaos Orb.Pet types and bonuses, loot Pets: Give you bonus XP, for example, Lucky.However, the event and rewards are played and given individually - in other words, you must complete the Pet Rescue for yourself!Baskets contain random rewards such as Pets, Pet Food, Gold or Jewels for use in the.

Cosmetic Pets can still be leveled to increase your overall Pet Mastery.
Total of 39 exp.
Find and defeat Pet Gnomes in PVP and Arena to unlock a Pet Rescue event where you can save a pet in peril!