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Thorium ore vanilla wow

I usually scout the northern part of the zone, hit up the ogre caves to the east and then scout the bottom part of the zone.
If you are already making items with Arcanite bars then I would suggest making sure that you split your market.I recommend, zygor's Leveling Guide.I found that this is the fastest way to level up mining from 275-300 since you'll get skill point for each vain you mine, and there are always 2-4 rich thorium how to put money in paypal veins.Do you want to reach level 120 fast?Someone once said that you cant go home again.Many people don't know the value of Mithril and often over look its prices in the Auction House.Also since farming for Thorium isn't as popular as it used to be you can go to one of the better zones without having to worry about competition!Once you are done mining Thorium, go.I recommend that you make the thorium ore into bars and then use all the arcane crystals to make Arcanite bars.
Average Item Per Hour Breakdown.
Here you will find tons of it scattered around the rocky land scape and deep within the ogre caves.
Was looking but couldn't find.
( just dont kill him to fast since he can bug paranormal activity slot game ).Now the pictures, picture.When you get out of corridor you'll find yourself in a big open space.Also the zone is really easy to form a good solid path.Raw Mats/ Arcanite Bars/ Thorium Bars 10,000-11,000g.