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Titanstrike relic slots

Slightly edited the casino med gratissnurr opener for non-Primal Instincts users.
2018 (this page Added more information about Survival to the "What is the Best Hunter Spec" section.
A Murder of Crows has a new sound.
#showtooltip Misdirection /cast targetpet Misdirection Aspect of the Turtle macro: Oftentimes you only need to use Turtle to block or soak a specific ability.The Beast Cleave one is worth as much as a whopping 25 ilvl for 4-target AoE damage.Ill have a guide on those when the time comes.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Updated with a note about Pack Alpha.2019 ( azerite traits and gear page Added Treacherous Covenant.2018 (this page Added Patch.1 changes.This lets you get the most out of the Killer Cobra talent.Single-Target/Raiding, all of the specs are close to equal in this respect, with Marksmanship having the highest theoretical maximum and superior gear scaling.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Updated Azerite Trait simulation.2019 ( Uldir page This civ 6 double support bonus page has been reviewed for Crucible of Storms and no changes are necessary.A Murder of Crows is super high priority.WeakAuras 2 Helps you track your buffs, debuffs, cooldowns, etc.With the 4-piece T19 bonus, Bestial Wrath is up enough that you should just use it during that all the time.In some cases, Crit can even surpass Agility.
Hunters can now tame Crawgs, using the item.
2018 ( enchants page Added note about using Gale-Force Striking for Mythic.
This is the one I personally like to use.
Its casino gbg main power is that the reduced Focus cost lets you squeeze in an extra Kill Command inside every Bestial Wrath (when using Killer Cobra).
2018 ( rotation page Updated the Barbed Shot part of the general rotation.Install both of them.1, artifact traits, base, hidden trait: Unknown, empowered.Blizzard did nerf it.1.5, but you can still get the extra Kill Command (barely).2018 ( Uldir page Added much more specific content to all bosses except for G'huun.What are the important changes in patch.2?