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Warlock spell slots dnd 5e

Magic Initiate PHB : The cantrips are tempting, but if you really need these abilities you should select Tome Pact.
8th-Level Spells Demiplane PHB : A really cool spell, but you only get one 8th-level spell, and you don't minecraft reserved slots plugin need to cast Demiplane on a daily basis.17 Mystic Arcanum: Any New Spell Known: Any This is the most notable level for a while.Hobgoblin vgtm : Nothing useful for warlocks.Unfortunately, Hex is omitted from the SRD, so we'll skip it for this build.Even at 20th level, your 5th-level spell slots are the most important parts of your spellcasting arsenal beyond Eldritch Blast, so be prepared to look for creative ways to apply your spells as you face new challenges.
That means that you're now responsible for ensuring that no one ever casts a 9th-level Dispel Magic on that component, and you're also not allowed to use that component again for fear of releasing the previous target.
This is fine in most cases, though you'll have issues against enemies with resistance or immunity to fire damage.
At high levels this may do more damage than casting offensive spells, especially against foes that make numerous attacks with relatively low damage.
Armor of Agathys is probably a better casino free spins canada option.
Not super exciting, and the 500gp material component is annoying, but the spell doesn't consume it so you can carry around the same bag of dust forever.
Whispers of the Grave PHB : Speak with Dead is one of my favorite divinations because it grants you easy access to information which is otherwise lost forever.Sharpshooter PHB : Warlocks don't use ranged weapons.You don't need a ton because you can depend on Fiendish Vigor for an easy hp boost, but you still don't want to skimp on Constitution.If you're a melee warlock, Pact of the Chain might be a good option so that you can pick this.3rd-level Spells: Get Revivify.The effects of a feat for the cost of an invocation is pretty great, and since you are your party's Wizard-equivalent you might need to be able to access important ritual spells.If you want more AC consider increasing Dexterity, otherwise you probably want to increase Constitution.It's not quite as good as the Inspiring Leader feat, but it's very close, and you don't need to give your party a pep talk to make it work.Investiture of Wind XGtE : If you want flight, cast Fly.