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Wow rested bonus calculation

At the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, rested XP was reset governor of poker 3 windows 8 to zero for all characters.
Players in the beta threw a poker turneringer live FIT, flooding the forums with complaints, screaming about how Blizzard had no right to control how much people play, and punishing them for doing so was wrong.
We didn't want to make the level curve even easier, since many other players would zoom through the game too fast.
1 World of Warcraft Beta Edit In the beta version of the original game, rest did not exist and experience was designed to prevent players from playing more than few hours in a row.Improvements, consuming rest, rest mark, when rested, your XP bar will turn blue, and a notch will appear indicating exactly how rested you are.Rest: 12 bubbles (23456XP) Rest: 24 bubbles (level 43251XP) Rest: 54 bubbles (level XP) Tips When you are about 5th or 6th level, you will receive quests to go to another town area.For example, a fully-rested level 1 character could easily use up their rest bonus within a few minutes, while a level 85 character's full rest bonus could last for hours of play.Your character is not tired, nor penalized in any way.What could be wrong with a system that rewards you for not playing, you ask?The amount of XP gotten this way is quite impressive at higher levels.
(If there isn't enough room to show it on your current XP bar, it will show up after you gain a level.) You will earn double XP from killing monsters, mining ore nodes, gathering herbs, collecting archaeology fragments, and opening chests while rested until your.
Will appear and you will resume normal XP gains.
XP Fatigue systems were put in place to discourage players from playing a game for far too long, as MMO addiction and lack of productivity was an epidemic in these countries.Also if you're using the Recruit-A-Friend function, the rest marker will be pushed forward and your rested XP will not be consumed.This way you can more easily catch up to friends that can play more often, as long as you log out in the appropriate spot every night!Blizzard wrapped it in a pretty bow, changed around the terms, made us feel special, and we all fell for.You would now have (4880) rested XP left, not (4940).This means that you can leave your character resting in an inn or capital city for up to 10 days (without gaining experience) before you earn the maximum amount of rest state.In Cataclysm Edit This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.Non-combat experience such as exploration and quest experience does not consume rest state.

It is easy enough to get these first five levels, so it is good to finish those quests and hurry over to the inn.