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Wow sha of anger bonus roll

No need to be an ass about.
Save your coin rolls for them until fixed.Edit: lets hope that when they "properly" fix this, they will "bug" it in a way for DH to have 100 drop chance on mounts.Reply With", 09:41 PM #15 A dev already said that you are able to loot.Well, they also said for half a year the mount drop from Sha is working, yet no one ever got one.They will counter this with gear pvp to bound to a class.Press J to jump to the feed.If you look the item drop on the dungeon journal, the mount is not listed as a drop for them.Buying / Selling / LFG.I figured more people would report it if that were they case with the DH release.I did Nalak, Oondasta and Galleon yesterday on my DH, didn't get a single piece of loot from either, not even gold.I used my coin for each boss (I have Galleon's mount but testing reasons) and received gold every time (All 1400 times across my accounts.) Last edited by Sayerel; at 09:51.Another reason for this post was that I just copped some abuse from a player for dpsing the Sha too fast.Loot table now showing gear and mount for demon hunters.The fact that sha and nalak awards gear bound to class except the mount, it would only take a loot chance or a roll chance to get the mount.Reply With", 12:53 PM #6, originally Posted by gegalfo oh ok, you not getting the mount (which is low drop rate) on your first try obviously means its wrong.
No ones complaining about not getting the mount first try.
Posting here as it appears some folks still aren't aware that since patch.2.5 the Sha of Anger has no deposit bonus roulette casino a fixed spawn point near OneKeg (coords 54, 64).
No loot drops, no even gold.
Reply With", 09:50 PM #17 I was the one that tweeted to Muffinus initially.
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Reply With", 12:00 PM #3, originally Posted by gegalfo m/Muffinus/status/ so what about this then?
Wrong Flair Moderators u/aphoenix Reins of a Phoenix u/SharkRaptor _ give sethrak _ u/Vusys u/FlapSnapple Victory for the Forsaken!Reply With", 01:35 PM #10 another link to this matter.T/forums/en/wow/topic/ Reply With", 01:34 PM #9 Originally Posted by gegalfo m/Muffinus/status/ so what about this then?Reply With", 12:00 PM #4, originally Posted by gegalfo m/Muffinus/status/ so what about this then?I want to be mad.