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(61.5) 50.64.
Mining Laser edit Salvaged from ancient mining drones, these weapons use strong-focus lenses in combination with an oscillating firing frequency to create lasers strong enough to allow them to mine asteroids, or mine ships, destroying them.
(29.5) 50.83 Phased Disruptor.
(111.0) 70.41 Plasma Accelerator.All explosive weapons go in a special Guided slot.This thread is archived, new comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.4k Members373 Online, top Posts From The r/Xcom Community.Can fit into Small and Medium slots.1 day cooldown 100 accuracy Ignore shield and armor 100 damage against hull Detailed Table Weapon Size Cost Power Damage Per Hit (Average) Range Tracking / Average Damage Disruptor (9.5) 30.Basic Strike Craft (8.0).
Fujifilm X-T100, fujifilm X-T20.
(66.0) 80.91 Blue Laser (14.5) 40.
(280.0) 80.27 11 0 Devastator Torpedoes.
This means that larger weapons are generally more effective against larger, slower ships, and smaller weapons are more effective against smaller, faster ships.
Note: titanic weapons are neither energy- nor kinetic-based, so they will not benefit from repeatable technologies.
They are very effective against shields, somewhat effective against hull and somewhat ineffective against armor.Contents, overview edit, ingame, a weapon has the following stats: Cost: How many resources the weapon requires in order to be built and operated.However, note that this is a very optimistic estimate as strike craft appear to only spend a fraction of the time actually firing, instead spending the majority of their time evading enemy fire and they will suffer casualties.Moderators u/AbnormallyWeird u/Limiate u/AutoModerator u/Top-Spec u/BotBust, view All Moderators, video chat roulette ru cookies help us deliver our Services.All strike craft go in a special hangar slot.Their main advantage is their high rate of fire and excellent tracking, but their design limits them to only small slots and they are nigh-useless against armored targets.(35.5) 75.Can fit into Extra-Large slots.0 day cooldown 75 accuracy 150 damage against shield 75 damage against armor 125 damage against hull Detailed Table Weapon Size Cost Power Damage Per Hit (Average) Range Tracking / Average Damage Mega Cannon 176.(75.0) 75.30.Filter feed BY flair.They are highly effective against hull and very effective against armor but are very ineffective against shields.(77.0).32 9 30 Marauder Missiles.Related technologies can only be obtained from events or salvages.